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Configure your own product and now also calculate the work units of your configuration on



A new Furniture product


New quick
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Now you can choose your CM80 even with USB C


Since 1985, when Pedro Lopez, founder of Montajes Murcia, manufactured the first surface junction box in the world that unifies electricity, data and voice, there have been many advances over the years, placing MMconecta as a leading company in its sector.

The company’s ability to develop customised products is possible thanks to the control of the entire manufacturing process; from the initial design and prototype and making the moulds, through to plastic injection and assembly of the final solution demanded by the user.

Present since 1985, the company’s experience has led to many IBEX 35 companies, along with many other leading companies in Spain and abroad, to use MMCONECTA’s connectivity solutions in their headquarters and offices, endorsed by the professionalism of a team of people with a customer service vocation.

Thanks to MMCONECTA’s flexibility and constant evolution in product development, it can adapt to the specific needs of each customer, carefully assessing and discussing the advantages of each solution depending on the environment and the specific requirements of each project.